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Project title: “Implementation of internationalization business model to increase the competitiveness of DKM CONCEPT Sp. z o.o. on the foreign market”


Eastern Poland Operational Program 2014-2020

Measure 1.2 “Internationalization of SMEs”

Under Priority Axis I:

“Entrepreneurial Eastern Poland”.


Contract no: POPW.01.02.00-18-0090/22-00


Brief description of the project:

As part of the project, the Applicant has selected the target market of the United Arab Emirates, where it intends to introduce green space design and installation services using artificial and live vegetation. Both the choice of market and products was determined after competitive analysis inside and outside the company.

Within the framework of the project, tasks were separated:

  1. Consulting service related to the development of the Business Model
  2. Consulting service related to the preparation of a marketing strategy.
  3. Consulting service related to the preparation of a promotional campaign – Internet campaign
  4. Consulting service for the design of a dedicated web application to support the

Promotion of services

  1. Translation service (content for Arabic-language website, promotional materials, instructions, regulations)
  2. Service for the production of advertising and promotional materials – catalogs, flyers, gadgets


  1. Service for the production of advertising and promotional materials – photo shoots
  2. Advice on handling the channel of the formal and legal environment to enter the UAE market
  3. Participation in Economic Missions


Project goals and outcomes:

The aim of the project is to implement the assumptions of the new business model, which will allow the company to prepare for an effective entry into the UAE market, as well as to build its position as a reliable and credible partner. The launch of an Arabic-language website and participation in economic missions in the UAE will contribute to building the company’s brand awareness in the new market, enable it to present its services and establish direct contact with potential customers. The UAE market is a priority for the company in terms of internationalization.

The company’s goal, after carrying out the planned activities and achieving the related indicators, will be to initiate and steadily increase export sales revenue. Project,

will also contribute to the expansion of the company in the target market through the implementation of consulting and marketing services, as well as through participation in economic missions

Total project value: PLN 648,087.00

Value of eligible expenditure: PLN 526,900.00

European Funds contribution: 447,865.00 PLN