Artificial Plants Wholesaler – About us

Direct Importer

aranżacja sztucznych traw w donicach

We are an importer and distributor of artificial plants. As one of the few on the Polish market, we practice the selection of products primarily in terms of quality, and then price. Our producers and suppliers are companies from both – Asia and Europe.

We know what’s fashionable

We participate in most of the trade fairs in Frankfurt, London, Milan, Canton, and Paris, where we learn about the latest trends in the floristic industry. Thanks to this activity, you can be sure that our offer always follows fashion.

Premium class artificial plants

Among the many manufacturers and the assortment they offer, we have found the perfect alternative to nature. High-quality artificial plants, which cannot be distinguished visually and by touch – so perfectly imitate living plants.

rośliny sztuczne - orchidea

There are situations and places where living flowers cannot be used, or their usage is unprofitable. Currently, many buildings and offices have tinted windows, artificial light, and air-conditioned rooms. Often, there are no windows. Then, artificial plants become the best solution.

We are aware of the prevailing stereotype that artificial plants or flowers are unaesthetic plastic. However, when buying from us – everyone will admit that it is a myth. Your office, building, workplace is your showcase – that’s why we know that you expect the highest quality products – that’s what we offer.

Online Store – Artificial Trees, Plants and Grasses

To meet your expectations, we have launched online sales of arrangements and artificial plants. Our store offers artificial trees, plants and grasses.

We send your orders by the courier everyday.For larger purchases, we offer discounts and free delivery.


Our offer is addressed to:

  • companies (hotels, restaurants, offices)
  • institutions
  • public utility facilities
  • florists
  • interior decorators
  • architects

We provide consulting and assembly services. A wide group of companies from related industries, with whom we cooperate, enables a comprehensive range of services.

Our team of professionals will always be happy to help you choose the assortment.

We invite you to cooperate with us and to collect discounts.

We will gladly answer all your questions.