Hurtownia Roślin Sztucznych

About Us

Decor Emirates service is from conception to customer

Decor Emirates is a leading manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer of artificial plants, flowers and trees. We’ve been in this business for over twenty-five years and so we have all the experience we need to design and produce the finest silk plants on the market.

About us

Why chose artificial plants?

Fake plants are the perfect alternative to natural plants. They look fantastic all year round, can survive in any environment and won’t die if you forget to water them! 

They also require none of the following regular chores: watering, feeding, deadheading, pruning, training or regular re-potting. If your home or office has artificial light, air-conditioning, or if you do not have time to care for live plants, artificial plants are the perfect solution for you.

Artificial PLANTS

Decor Emirates’s artificial plants and flowers

We are aware of the stereotype surrounding artificial plants and silk flowers: ugly, cheap and obviously fake. Modern manufacturing techniques, the materials at our disposal plus our design capabilities means, therefore, our products completely disprove this concept. 

Decor Emirates artificial plants imitate real plants so perfectly that it can be hard to tell the difference.

Wybierz pola, które mają być pokazane.
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